River town, birthplace of rock and roll, home of the blues, Beal Street, jazz, Graceland, King Cotton, Sun Records, the Peabody Hotel with ducks in its lobby: all these things spell Memphis, Tennessee. It’s not too surprising that Mississippians pretty much claim Memphis as their largest city, after all one native son claimed the Mississippi Delta began in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. Founded in 1819, Memphis now has a population of over 1 million and is the county seat of Shelby County. It is truly a mid-America city, centrally located and easy to get to. It has superb transportation, meeting facilities, hotel accommodations, entertainment, restaurants, and cultural activities.

Reponding to client needs, Mitchell, McNutt & Sams opened a Memphis office in 1993. This office has proved an invaluable investment in the service of clients from the areas of northwest Mississippi and western Tennessee and as a centralized meeting place for those residing elsewhere in the country.

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Phone: 901-527-2585

Address: 200 Jefferson Ave.

#920, Memphis, TN 38103